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Couples Therapy in Southwest Austin

Yes. Relationships are complicated.

But being in an intimate partnership can also be one of the most wonderful and satisfying things in your life!

In a way, it IS like a job.  When it is healthy and going well, it is a job you love – meaningful, rewarding, productive, fun.

You look forward to being with your partner and when you reflect on your relationship you can see that even though it is not perfect, all-in-all it is a cherished and nourishing part of your life.

When it is unhealthy and the going gets rocky it is a job you hate – frustrating, draining, confusing, stressful.

You can come to dread time spent with your partner and when you reflect on your relationship you can still find a few things you enjoy, but mostly you go back and forth between walking on eggshells or defending yourself.

Hi! I’m Michelle.

No one sets out to have a bad or failed marriage.

We get into committed relationships with people because we love them, we want to build lives together, care for each other, create shared meaning, and have fun.

But sometimes, things get off track and you lose perspective.

I get it.

I’m here to help.

Find meaning, and begin healing.

Create an intimate partnership that you can cherish.

Together, we’ll develop a safe, creative, and dynamic space where you’ll receive the tools to help you on your journey toward the kind of relationship you really want.

I’ll help you create an US that you can enjoy – that doesn’t require losing your Self in the process.

I offer support and guidance in the following areas:

Compassionate Communication
Relationship Enrichment
Conflict Resolution
Affair Recovery
Conscious Uncoupling

We’ll bring compassionate curiosity to the exploration of your relationship, as it is now.

Gain courage and creativity as you rediscover what you really want your intimate partnership to be.

You’ll uncover the unmet needs behind those uncomfortable and hurtful feelings, and gain clarity about how to make requests of each other in loving ways.

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Move in a new direction in your relationship and your life.

You are worth it.

Your partner is worth it.

Your relationship and your family is worth it.

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