Knock. Knock.

They’re back again.

You know the ones – shame, sadness, worry, unworthiness, pain, hopelessness… Those feelings you thought were behind you.


Pushing through all the busyness and distraction. They’ve crawled out of the boxes you packed them in, up the stairs, asking for your attention.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Getting angry, you tell them to get lost.

“Go AWAY!”

You don’t have time for this. You’ve got work, family, goals. You’ve got things that have to get done.

Why now? You thought you got rid of them.

Knock. Knock. KNOCK. KNOCK!

Now the fear.

What if it never gets better?

How can I live like this?

What’s wrong with me?

I can’t deal with all those feelings. If I open that door, even a crack, they’ll come crashing in, overwhelming me, and I might never get back.


I’m here to help you open that door.

What I’ve learned, through training, study, practice, and personal experience is that if you don’t deal with those old feelings, ideas, and memories, they don’t go away.

They’ll eventually find their way in. And often, in a way that causes a lot of collateral damage.

These feelings are symptoms, (uncomfortable feelings, maladaptive behaviors) and just like symptoms of physical illness, they are guides that need to be followed and understood, not masked or shoved away.

They provide clues that are integral to healing and wholeness.

We welcome all of them. ALL parts of you are welcome!

I’ll be with you to make sure you’re not overwhelmed.

Together, we will explore with curiosity and compassion, and you will see that you have all the resources you need to heal, and move forward to the life you want.

“So oftentimes it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key.”
– The Eagles, “Already Gone”