Please print, complete, and bring the following forms to our first session:

Intake Form

Welcome Letter (Informed Consent)

Credit/Debit Card Authorization Form

Privacy Practices (For your records)

I can keep your card on file, safely encrypted in my system. Even if you prefer to pay by check/cash, I will need a card on file in case of a no show or late cancel fee.

As well, I will need a copy of your valid id and insurance card (if applicable).

For couples, each of you needs to complete an Intake Form and Welcome Letter.

Thanks for taking the time to have these completed when you come. It allows us to spend your time on the most important thing – you!


“And we be taking care of business (every day)
Taking care of business (every way)
We be been taking care of business (it’s all mine)
Taking care of business and working overtime”
~ Bachman-Turner Overdrive